Allah Ka Taaruf Dars 02

​🌟 New Series Started !!


🆕 Audio lecture
📝 Topic:Allah ka Taaruf

Dars 02
👤 Speaker: Shaykh Abu Zaid Zameer (حفظه الله)
📆 Date: 18th Nov 2016
📀 Album: Allah ka Taaruf
🏢 Location: Assembly Hall, Azam Campus, Pune
📝Topics Covered

2 types of kalimaat

1. Shar’i

2. Kawni
Jaisi Maloomat ->waisi soch ->waisi zindagi- >waise Allah ke faisle.
1. Har cheez ka khaaliq
♦2 reasons why creation is worshipped.

1. Hope

2. Fear
♦M’abood ka maqaam Khaaliq ke liye hai makhlooq ke liye nahi.
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Jazaakallaahu Khairan
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