Manhaj e Salaf se Doori Aakhir Kyun|Shaykh Abu Zaid Zameer

🇸🇦Shaykh Abu Zaid Zameer Hafidahullah- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tour’ 2016🇸🇦

📆Date & Time: 18th February 2016 (Thursday) after Salatul Isha

📌Topic: Manhaj-e Salaf se Doori  Aakhir Kyun?

👤Speaker: Shaykh Abu Zaid Zameer Hafidahullah

🏠Venue: Islamic Cultural Center Dammam

✅Separate Arrangement for Ladies.

📱Event Coordinator:
M.H.Abdul Hameed- (+966 54 510 0345)

Gouse Khan- (+966 54 369 5779)

📡Organized by: Karnataka Salafi Foundation

🔊 Audio⬇

(Converted from Video)

Jazakumullahu Khayran!


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